The East of Eden route

The East of Eden walk – photo waymarkers. (You can start at Salisbury Street Car Park (4 photos in). The walk differs in several places from OS maps but this route has been checked by Wiltshire Rights-of-Way team as being correct.

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  1. Madelaine

    East of Eden definitely one for April as it goes passed our 2 bluebell woods!

    • John Jordan

      Yes, it does and they are a treat to see. I would point out that the bluebell wood by Charnage House is on private land but can be viewed well from the footpath. Bluebell fans can also see them from the paths on Duncliffe.

  2. Deborah Butler

    Great to have the photos of the waypoints, thank you for taking the time

    • John Jordan

      Thank you. We hope they help walkers get around the walks easily.

  3. Sandra Rose

    I think Jerry and I did this walk a couple of years back with the footpath group and I’ve tried it since but got lost as soon as I got into open countryside…. so this is SO helpful! Thank you 🙂

  4. Rosie J-B

    I jogged round the East of Eden walk today – a really nice mini trail run for anyone wanting to run off-road a bit. It could be linked to Great Bottom route and/or to the footpaths leading out across The Meads run. There was enough mud to make it fun!

    • John Jordan

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Happy to include Healthy Mere Jogging reports on here!

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