Great Bottom walk 2018

Ninety seven people did the Great Bottom walk on Sunday, 10th June. It involved three and a half miles of walking on paths leading up 370ft and around the geographical feature known as Great Bottom. The youngest walker was 4 years old and the eldest was 92. The event was organised by Mere Footpath Group under the banner of ‘Healthy Mere Walking’. They set off from Mere and walked up the slopes through cattle and nettles only stopping to take in the great views and a water stop. The climb would be the same as walking up to the top of Big Ben. The path then came back into Mere along some of its oldest roads.

It was exhilarating to see people, many of whom were not experienced footpath walkers, take on such a challenge and come back proud and smiling. The weather was perfect and the walkers were great. They all made a donation to our fund and they were given a goody bag with treats from our sponsors and a ‘Great Bottom’ badge to wear with pride. We raised over £500 to spend on improving the footpaths of Mere. A huge thank you, from us, to our sponsors and to all of the volunteers who made it happen and congratulations to the walkers.

John Jordan, Group Treasurer

The Bigger Bottom Walk 2019

There were about 80 walkers who enjoyed good weather and pleasant company for The Bigger Bottom Walk on 9th June 2019. The climb was tough but worth it for the wealth of flowers and butterflies to stop and look at.  Views at the top were much appreciated and with extra interest provided by John and Janet and their fabulous kites.  Very important was the great donation for the Mere and District Link Scheme – £383.   


March Hares 2019

Our plan was that every footpath in Mere (and there are many) was walked by at least 10 people in the month of March 2019.

Walkers who helped achieve this goal received a MERE MARCH HARE badge!!! (every bit as good as an Olympic Gold Medal) 

The Butt of Sherry Walk – A walk to Wolverton, about 4 miles with several stiles and a visit to Mere’s SSSI and finishing at The Butt of Sherry.

The Rollercoaster – A walk to ‘The Caterpillar, about 3 miles with several stiles and involving a lot of steep inclines and descents, for the surefooted and those wanting some exercise.

The Bigger Bottom – A walk around Mere’s large chalk escarpment, about 4 miles with a couple of stiles and a big hill.

The Walnut Tree Walk – A walk around 4 miles with several stiles and some damp patches. 

The Long March – A Monarch’s Way walk from Hindon, about 7 miles with much to see and a HaHa on the way.  Catch the bus to get to Hindon (alternatively meet at Hindon at 9:45). 

The Castle Hill and Red Arrows Walk – About 3 miles around Castle Hill and the town, no stiles, includes a climb over Long Hill.

The Barrow Street Walk – Drive to Barrow Street first – a bit under 4 miles of countryside walking with a few stiles.

The George Walk – About 4 miles with 1 stile.

Walkers of all ages gather in Mere for the start of a March Hare walk

Bottoms Up! – April 2021

We had a great morning for a walk. Clear skies and a good breeze (which was a tad cool) meant the 24 walkers had great views and didn’t work up a sweat! Many thanks to them for taking part – each one went home with a coronavirus vaccinated badge to show that They Were There! Well done on walking just under 4 miles with a climb of 370 feet with most people doing the walk in about an hour and a half. Below the gallery of pictures from the walk is the invitation for the walk with more information.

We are hoping that the current restrictions are eased as the guidelines say. We are planning another large event – not to raise funds but just to be out there, walking, with friends and neighbours. Put the 25th April in your diary, it is a Sunday and we have requested good weather (Less of the April showers and More of the May flowers). The walk will be a merger of the two walks we have done before and one that many Mere walkers know. We will start, between 10:30 and 11:30, at Manor Road (opposite Denes Avenue) and go up and around the Great Bottom. To keep within the rules we will have walkers (in groups of no more than 6) setting off a few minutes apart. We haven’t organised the generous donors as before to give everyone a goody bag but there will be BADGES! These are our special 2021 recycled badges complete with John Jordan’s drawing of a coronavirus – something to show the grandchildren when they ask “What did you do when the lockdown ended?”.

We have asked Karen, the new landlady at The Butt of Sherry, if she is able to provide tables for walkers after their walk and she will – this will have to be booked in advance through our booking form page.

In all seriousness, this has been a challenging time for so many of us and while it may go on for for some more, we are hoping that a community outing in the fresh air with beautiful views will do us all some good.