Bottoms Up

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Our first event for quite some time (provided the lockdown eases as advised so far) is coming up soon- 25th April. Visit our Forthcoming Events page to find out more!

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  1. Tass Richardson

    Could you tell me roughly what distance the walk is please?

    • John Jordan

      It is just under 4 miles with a climb of 370ft to splendid views in all directions.

  2. Jill Simmonds

    I’m just a party of one and would like to register for the 25th walk. Hoping all are well in Mere. J

    • John Jordan

      I will sort out a group to join for you and let you know. See you on the day.

  3. Tass Richardson

    I’ve been trying to use the booking form but it says there’s no slots available. Could I book for 3 people please, happy to walk with another group or individuals.

    • John Jordan

      I will sort something out and get back to you – just checking on the numbers in groups.

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